Development strategies for multitenant platforms


Major issue when handling multiple customers in single platform is how to manage development environments – how to maintain code changes and how to work with version control systems (Git, SVN etc.).

This part will cover such questions. We will show you some different approaches of handling multitenancy in your codebase, facilitate code changes while still having possibility to maintain custom changes for tenants – from custom templates to whole custom-fitted code.

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Design at the Clouds – the series


Nowadays, at the cloud-computing boom, new possibilities in virtualization of the whole IT systems (servers, computers) or just single applications, we also see boom in the area of applications working in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Our series of posts will focus on the issues concerned with Multitenant platforms. We will show you some basis and ideas about development process, database design and application architecture which will fit in SaaS model. Continue reading…