Yealink Phone Book Manager released!

Yealink Phone Book Manager

Yealink is a leading provider of VoIP phone and IP communication solutions. Thanks to rich capabilities, Yealink phones are widely used by the enterprise-level companies. Their phones are even featured in a TV series like House, M.D. by the House himself.

The only problem with a such features-rich phone was, that there wasn’t any easy to use software to manage the phone book itself! As we’re also using Yealink phones at Octivi we’ve also found that it was hard to manage the phone book by our non-technical staff.

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We’re starting!


Octivi Labs started!

In this blog, we’ll write about issues related to Software Architecture, Databases,
Project Management and things concerned with the quality of IT projects. Thanks to our
experience in developing high performance, highly scalable web applications, we’ll show
you some tips and lessons learned.

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