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Octivi releases the first PHP client for Ceph

We’ve just released a PHP client for Ceph REST API. Ceph is a distributed and fault-tolerant filesystem used to easily scale-out the storage layer. Our CephClient is freely available on GitHub.


Symfony2 Cross Site Request Forgery protection for controller actions

The CSRF, after XSS and SQL Injections, is one of the most common vulnerability. At the same time it can cause very dangerous effects such as performing actions without the user’s knowledge. CSRF is a method of attack on a website, based on impersonating a specific user and performing specific actions on his behalf.


The big move – Wikimedia chose Elasticsearch

Wikimedia — the organization that runs Wikipedia — the world’s largest open encyclopedia, announced that they are in the process of rolling out new search infrastructure based on Elasticsearch to all of the wikis. After GitHub, Livechat and Quora, Wikimedia is a next big organization which decided to choose Elasticsearch for their key functionality –
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