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Antoni is a Software Architect and Scrum Master at Octivi. He is responsible for software architecture of our key projects, he also holds Professional Scrum Master certificate.

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Database design in SaaS platforms

We introduce this next article from the series of designing SaaS platforms, where we describe common patterns of multitenant architectures. We’ll show you 3 approaches of the database modeling with scalability, security and maintainability in mind.


Yealink Phone Book Manager released!

Yealink is a leading provider of VoIP phone and IP communication solutions. Thanks to rich capabilities, Yealink phones are widely used by the enterprise-level companies. Their phones are even featured in a TV series like House, M.D. by the House himself. The only problem with a such features-rich phone was, that there wasn’t any easy
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Mastering Symfony2 Performance – Internals

Symfony2 is said to be slow. Nothing can be further from the truth! Our Symfony2 instances handle more than 600 req/s and are working great. To have such results, everything needs some performance optimizations.


Mastering Symfony2 Performance – Doctrine

Doctrine ORM is a powerful tool which can facilitate an access to the database layer providing mapping the source data to objects. Unfortunately, as every next abstraction layer, such possibilities come with a performance overhead.


Keeping the right Coding Standards

As we shown in our previous post about maximizing quality of IT departments, things written down will be helpful when IT team grows. Article will go into details of keeping your company’s coding standards at the peak. To ease the task we’ve also included sample coding standard rules.


Maximizing quality of your IT department

Our best practices for Quality Assurance – make your IT right!


Development strategies for multitenant platforms

Major issue when handling multiple customers in single platform is how to manage development environments – how to maintain code changes and how to work with version control systems (Git, SVN etc.). This part will cover such questions. We will show you some different approaches of handling multitenancy in your codebase, facilitate code changes while
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Continuous Integrate your Security

Continuous Integration can automate your whole development workflow. Beyond the standard tasks like running automated unit tests, checking quality of the code and at the end, building your code, it can do anything you can imagine. In the article I’ll show you how to integrate security testing into your CI. Automatic checks will find out
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How we cut down memory usage by 82%

RAM memory in comparison to disk storage is not so cheap. Having big Redis cluster could lead to some expenses on such memory. Thanks to lessons we learned on our previous projects we can share with you some optimizing techniques. Nice fact is, they are based on application-side so they won’t affect performance of your
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Design at the Clouds – the series

Read series of posts about designing Cloud Platforms


Validation constraint for Twig Template syntax

Creating custom validation constraint could be tricky for new Symfony2 developers. Based on the idea of validating Twig syntax I’ll show you how to create custom validator with DI dependencies. Imagine that you want to allow to edit templates through your administration panel – it’s common task in CMS, E-shop engines. To avoid errors while
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